The Introduction Page (or a quick guide to getting to know the brains behind this blog)


Nice to meet you! Welcome to my corner of the virtual world!


I’m Heather and I’m the author, researcher, editor, and general lab-rat for this, my “Project HeatherED blog.

About Heather

I’m a thirty-something woman living in Sheffield,  which for those readers not in the U.K. is a city in Yorkshire, England on the edge of the beautiful Peak District National Park. My home is with my partner C, whom I’ve been with for around ten years now and we’ve lived together for around half that time. About three years ago we opened our hearts, home, and our wallets to two rather ungrateful, but fortunately incredibly adorable cats, D & K.

I work full-time as a public-sector professional, and for the most part I like my work and my colleagues. From chatting to others, I understand this makes me lucky. Unlike many other millennials, I’ve been fortunate in that I was able to save in my twenties so that last Summer C and I could buy our “forever home” together. I’m grateful that not only am I happy in my paid job, but it’s also afforded me the opportunity to build a beautiful life with my (furry) family.


  • Reading. Specifically, reading self-help books and super-shiny, glossy women’s magazines. Loyal to their paper format, I’m a loyal subscriber to my favourite titles, Red and Psychologies. I love receiving post and have a weird habit of sniffing their pages fresh out of their wrappers.
  • Buying books. Browsing charity shops for titles I’ve had my eye on, finding a Kindle bargain, and occasionally treating myself to a crisp, new paperback bring me the greatest pleasure. C shares my book addiction so our shelves are filled with hundreds of titles (not to mention our virtual Kindle shelves). Embracing our mutual obsession, we stand firm in our belief that it’s always okay to invest in books. They’re the source of knowledge, entertainment, and becoming better people.
  • Writing. Whether that’s on this blog, in my journal, or pretty much anywhere I’ve got access to a keyboard or pen and paper, I adore the process of writing. It’s a real passion of mine.
  • Working out. One of my proudest achievements is having taught myself to genuinely like exercise by my thirtieth birthday. As the child who was always last in everything and whose migraines turned out to be an involuntary response to school sports (I kid you not), this is a minor miracle.


  • All animals and especially my cats. I happen to believe black cats are extremely lucky, albeit not as photogenic as their lighter-furred peers. Plus all the best famous cats are black: talking cats Salem (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Binx (Hocus Pocus), Mog (of the Meg and Mog books) and of course, Postman Pat’s beloved buddy Jess (who counts as he’s arguably more black than white). I’d highly recommend adopting a marvellous monochrome moggy. A house doesn’t feel like a home to me without a feline family member or two. Of course D and K drive us absolutely insane, but I wouldn’t have it any other way (and neither would C, whatever he says)!
  • Creme eggs. How do you eat yours? I like to bite the top off the chocolate egg and scoop out the fondant filling with my little finger. Disgusting but delicious, I currently have fifteen left in my post-Easter stash.
  • Home-baked cakes, ideally with tons of frosting. Cake is my crack; it’s my sugary-sweet drug of choice. Under no circumstances stand between me and cake. You would come to regret it and that’s not a threat – it’s a promise.
  • My nieces and nephew. My most favourite small people in the entire Universe started to arrive a little over six years ago. It’s a joy to be their awesome Aunty Heather and feel privileged to play a part in their little lives.
  • Super-heroes and post-apocalyptic tales. C encourages my enthusiasm for entertainment centred on the world falling apart. Thankfully, he also likes to see it being put back together by people with super-powers. Currently my favourite characters are Jessica Jones of the Marvel series, and both Daryl and Negan from The Walking Dead.
  • Spoken audio. I’m a huge podcast fan, regularly watch / listen to YouTube videos (depending on whereabouts I am in my morning routines), and I’m a recent convert to audio books. Indulging in my passion for learning on the move is perfect for a multitasker like me. Gary V‘s daily podcast, Evan Carmichael‘s YouTube channel, and Amazon Audible for books would be my top recommendations right now.


  • Nature. Being surrounded by blue skies, green grass, and beautifully bright flowers lift my energy. A love of nature is something that’s crept up on me with age. You’ll notice I post a lot of flower photos on my blog. Taken as I go about my daily life, these pictures have become a beautiful symbol of becoming better.

I’d love to hear from you and get to know you, so do contact me or come find me on Facebook!