The About Project HeatherED Page (or what’s this website about, who’s it for, and why you should read it!)

Project HeatherED is a real-time record of my personal development project. It’s essentially me documenting my progress as I seek to educate myself on how to live my happiest, healthiest, and best life.


As a self-help junkie, what most excites me in life is to learn how I can become better. I get to indulge in this passion by writing my blog, which takes a positive focus on life because it’s at the heart of who I am today. In my quest to live a happier, healthier, and emotionally wealthier way of life, I write to share my experiments in all things self-improvement, mental fitness, and holistic wellness. At the same time I’m eager to share my gratitudes for my life just as it is right now.

My qualifications for writing this are that I’m an imperfect human being like everyone else. At least on the surface I’m doing okay at “living a grown-up life”. Yet honestly, underneath I often still feel like a screw-up. Since my late teens I’ve been stuck in a mental cycle, like a washing machine set to spin. Anxiety spiralled into self-loathing, which spun into anorexia, BED, OCD (all the acronyms), and tumbled over and again into depression.

Essentially I’ve been trying my whole life to get away from myself – and yet nothing I tried seemed to work. I was always still there and I can’t say I really liked myself all that much. Sometimes I haven’t liked other people all that much either. After all, it’s hard to feel good about yourself – and life in general – when you’re constantly wishing you were someone else. However I learnt that eventually, the pain of staying in the same dark place outweighs the discomfort which comes from trying to change.

I’m living proof that change – the positive kind – is possible for everyone. I know it doesn’t always feel that way; still I wholeheartedly know this to be true. With patience, persistence, and sheer effort I’ve worked through my personal challenges. I’ve had help from some brilliant people; from medical professionals, therapists, and virtually via books, podcasts, and myriad web resources.

Yet what I’ve learnt is that the only person who can truly make things better for you is yourself. I’ve experienced first-hand that self-help can actually help. I’m committed to being a life-long student and sharing what I’m learning. Today I’m passionate about using my experiences to help others in their personal journeys to become better.

As talking self-improvement isn’t really the stuff of tea point chatter – at least not yet, anyway – I hope to connect with other self-help junkies. I know there are others as interested in this subject as I am; it’s a multi-million dollar industry, after all. If you’ve read this far I reckon you’re at least a little curious as to how it might help you, too. I’m looking forward to sharing strategies for mental fitness, positive psychology, and living our happiest and healthiest lives.

I’m practically imperfect in every way – and I’m actually okay with that, and with me.

I’m still a work-in-progress – we all are and we always will be – but today I’m living my happiest, healthiest life and I’m becoming better. I hope you’ll join me on my journey and I look forward to connecting with you!