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The (First) This Week I’m Grateful For… Post (or why I’m introducing my weekly TWIG posts to the blog)

K enjoying her Sunday lie-in

In the spirit of this new series of posts, I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude for my partner C, whose genius idea it is to mix up my longer blog posts with something short and snappy. Like a twig. Hence my new TWIG post – my weekly gratitude list. Essentially, it’s my positive review of the week, which I hope will inspire readers to get grateful about all the good things in their lives, as well as get to know me a little better.

While I admire bloggers who can publish their posts with minimal self-editing, as you have likely picked up by now, that’s not my style. Even in trying to write this short-form article, I’m editing as I go. As a bit of a wordsmith, I enjoy the process of consciously choosing my words, shaping sentences and perfecting paragraphs until I’m satisfied with the picture they create in my mind.

So here I am, writing my first (supposedly) short-form blog post. Rambling already, let’s get back to the point.

This week I’m grateful for:

*Seeing a badger in my garden. I’ve never seen a badger before – they’re basically a moving rug topped with a Mexican wrestling mask. Awesome!

*Great feedback in my work appraisal meeting. I came away glowing with pride and confidence! Look out for a future post, deep diving into this soon.

*Changing up the work routine. Thanks to a student sit-in at my office, I’ve had the opportunity to work from home and had furry colleagues for company. They are however rather more disruptive than my human ones, who also don’t defalcate in the corner of my office. :-S My working from home colleague D has zero respect for my authority.

*An awesome American diner experience at Twisted Burger with C. Who knew there was such a thing as a potato bun?! Weird, but delish.

*Making gym gains. Going hard, and then going home (via the pub), post-gym sesh this Friday. I love my end-of-week solo workouts, and I’m really proud of myself for pushing myself to lift heavier. I hate the social media phrase “strong not skinny”, but I can reluctantly admit that there is some truth in there.

*An unexpected financial gift, that’s got me questioning whether there’s really is something in the idea of fate. Attending an Unleash the Power Within Preview event, I still want to go see Tony Robbins live. Surely this is the Universe directing my destiny?! However having recently moved house, my infinitely more rational other half C, is less keen on my blowing a grand or more on five days of self-development. Hmpfh.

*Better-than-expected valuations for our old house, which we’ve been working on renovating before we sell. It’s fantastic to know that our hard work and patience will likely pay off. Having a bigger renovation fund for our new house, I’m excited to work with C to create our dream home.

*Snowed in Sundays. With six inches of the white stuff outside the door this morning, there’s no way we’re going anywhere further than the kitchen and back today. After many weekends spent on heavy-duty DIY, I’m extremely appreciative of a enforced day of rest.

Not everyone is thrilled to be snowed in today.

And with that, I better get going. There’s a whole lot of nothing I’ve got to do today.

Happy Sunday!



  1. I didn’t know you were into blogging! Suggested edit: grateful about seeing a badger -> grateful about not being savaged by said badger :-p

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